Shibori Dyeing Classes

Charmaine is available to teach Shibori silk dyeing to your guild or group of friends.

Wondrous Shibori – Enjoy the fun and creativity while learning a variety of shibori dye techniques from instructor Charmaine Thaner.  Dye several fat quarters of silk, then choose your favorite shibori technique and dye a silk scarf! When class is over, you'll have your beautiful custom-made scarf, as well as several pieces of colorful silk to use in your next project.

: Charmaine has been a fiber artist for many years and began dyeing silk in 2000.  She has learned from Colorado fiber artist Lynn Lee and nationally known artists – Jan Janas, Ana Lisa Hedstrom, and Doshi.  Charmaine has learned the most by experimenting with dye and fabric.

Supplies provided by the instructor:  Procion H liquid dyes, fat quarters of silk, one blank silk scarf, and other materials needed for dyeing.  Please pay instructor $20 for supplies.

Participants bring: apron, rubber gloves, large plastic trash bag, (4) gallon size zip lock baggies,  three eye droppers, three foam brushes (1-2”), one 3 ” diameter PVC pipe – cut to about 3 feet long, 27 quart capacity plastic tub (Rubbermaid, or Sterlite).  Note: Cut two 4” U shaped sections out of each end of the plastic tub (so the PVC pipe will rest on the tub).

Class Tuition: $45.00 for 3 hour class plus $20.00 for supplies

Contact me for more information about a presentation in your community.